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Visual storyboarding

Delivering the desired message effectively

Creating cohesion by unifying stakeholders

Visual storyboarding helps in creating a visual representation of the immersive experience, typically in the form of a series of drawings, 3D renderings, or wireframes, to help plan and communicate the design and flow of the experience.


Clear and engaging preview of the immersive experience


Allows easier evaluation, testing, and iteration


Insights into key elements like character, environment design, and sensory cues


Easy feedback and understanding of the overall design and purpose

The Veative approach

Storyboarding technique used at Veative provides a holistic view of the immersive content. It is a key step in the design process and drastically improves the development lifecycle of the immersive applications, resulting in a more engaging and immersive experience.

Improved communication

Visual storyboarding allows team members, stakeholders, and clients to better understand the overall design and flow of the AR/VR experience, which can lead to more effective communication and collaboration.

Identification of potential issues
By creating a visual representation of the AR/VR experience, potential issues or areas for improvement can be identified before development begins, which can save time and resources.
Increased efficiency

By planning the design and flow of the AR/VR experience ahead of time, development can be more efficient, as the team will have a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the experience. It will also lead to faster

Better user experience

Storyboarding allows to test and validate the experience with stakeholders and users before development, this can lead to a better and more immersive user experience

Reduces development time and cost

By identifying and resolving potential issues early in the process, visual storyboarding can help reduce the overall cost and time of developing an AR/VR experience.


Storyboarding also allows for a flexible and iterative approach, where changes and improvements can be made as needed based on feedback and testing.

Veative’s visual storyboarding template

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Veative’s visual storyboarding template

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