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Immersive technology can change the way automotive enterprises market, train, and develop. From metaverse showrooms, virtual training for operating industrial equipment, to virtual driving tours for novice drivers, we help automotive enterprises provide unmatched services, enhance intuitive road safety, and transform the way they interact with customers.

New-age solutions to accelerate innovation


Metaverse showrooms

Metaverse showrooms are the new frontier, delivering unique, immersive, and innovative experiences to customers. They provide an interactive experience for customers to browse through a range of vehicles. The metaverse showroom allows users to take a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of vehicles, providing an exceptional retail experience.

Virtual auto-fair or launch

Host an automobile fair or car launch in the metaverse for people to join from anywhere in the world. A virtual fair gives an opportunity to showcase vehicles at a global level, in a short span of time. Give customers a virtual tour with a complete view of new cars from the comfort of your home.


Prototypes and digital twins of vehicles

Leverage immersive solutions to create vehicle prototypes for testing, design improvisation, adjusting limitations, and more. A nonphysical prototype of a vehicle is created before creating the actual product to investigate how it will function under various scenarios and what potential malfunctions may arise. Thus, all necessary alterations can be made in the metaverse leading to an optimized design.

Digital training

Train the workforce on new technologies and industrial equipment, or develop solutions to train new drivers in a secure setting. In VR-based training sessions, trainees enter a 360° active learning environment, experiencing sights and sounds that dissolve the barrier between virtual and actual reality. Using the headset and controllers, trainees look, speak, and move about freely in a 3D virtual setting, interacting with simulated real-world tools and machinery, i.e., getting future-ready in a risk-free environment.


Providing innovative client solutions

VR-based driving test for an auto player

A player in the automotive sector minimized the challenges and risks involved in learning to drive with a VR-based driving test training module. The module consists of a 3D model of a car (both interior and exterior), a virtual city, and a dedicated road design for vehicle driving. The module also offers different scenarios and possible hurdles a driver can experience while driving to enhance the learner’s driving abilities without putting them at risk.

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