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AR and VR bring multiple benefits to the energy sector. From training the workforce on complex and unfamiliar technologies, working of machines and risky scenarios to plant walkthroughs and more, we enable enterprises to leverage immersive solutions that help in training the workforce effectively.

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Training stakeholders and teams on new technologies

NTPC set up one of its biggest power plants in India and effectively trained its workforce to adapt to new technologies through PC-interactive applications, 3D videos, and VR-based applications. The applications helped NTPC showcase the new power plant technologies to the leaders and train cross-functional teams.


Simplifying complex processes for the workforce

NTPC, through an immersive application, simplified the high-risk and complex process of isolating high-tension and low-tension switchgears. As it is a high-risk maintenance task, the VR application helps in training the workforce in a safe, interactive environment before they actually work on real machinery.

Depicting the destruction of infrastructure through an effective medium

Through a 3D animation video, NTPC depicted a massive flood in Uttarakhand region which came in the year 2021 where the NTPC hydro power plant faced massive damage and loss of life. The video was a strong medium for the stakeholders to understand what exactly happened, the extent of damage, and how the plant can be rebuilt without being at the site.


Product walkthrough for training

NTPC simplified the complex turbine mechanism process for the workforce through a 3D stereoscopic-based interactive and immersive solution for training and demos. It proved to be an ideal solution for explaining the process, parts, and working of a steam turbine without any help from an instructor.

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